Water main burst alert

2 minute Read
Tuesday 20th December 2022

Wholesaler name
Southern Water

Event Code and sub type

Support level
Tier 1 Incident – inform customers

Count of SPIDs affected
60 (0 SEMDV flagged Sites)

Unplanned event ID

Description of the event
No Water – Suspected burst main off of our Rumfields Water Supply Reservoirs

Date and time of incident start
19 December 2022 / 07.00

Action already taken
RED Incident team stood up to manage site defect rectification, water reservoir balancing and customer impacts.

Action planned / Update
Good progress overnight with the pipe repair being completed at 3:30am this morning. The focus now is to refill the network. This needs to be done very slowly to avoid any further bursts. We are expecting this to take another 18 to 24 hours until all customers are back in supply, however as the network refills, more and more customers will have their supply restored before this time.

Postcodes affected
CT9 – Margate
CT10 – Broadstairs
CT11 - Ramsgate
CT12 - Manston

Customer message

We’re sorry for ongoing distress of no water, we’re working to fix supply.

Dane Court Grammar School, CT10 2RT will be open for bottled water at 8am.

Asda site will not be open today.

The location of a 2nd bottled water site has changed to St Georges School, Broadstairs, CT10 2LH and will be open from 08.30.

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Action for Retailer to take
Disseminate key message to affected customers via website and direct calling to Large Users
Potable water locations
Dane Court Grammar School, CT10 2RT, and St Georges School, Broadstairs, CT10 2LH