Why are meter readings so important?

3 minute Read
Thursday 3rd February 2022

We aim to read our customers meters every six months, but we also encourage all of our metered customers to send us monthly readings.

Here's a few reasons why having regular meter readings is so important:

Accurate billing

The first and most obvious point: accurate billing. If you send us a read up to five working days before your bill date, we can make sure that your read is included in your monthly bill, and ensure that your charges are as accurate as possible. If you can send us regular reads, you can avoid getting a catch-up bill from where your usage might have been higher or lower than estimated.

Leak detection

Let's hope it never comes to it, but leaks do happen, and they can happen in pipes that aren't visible to you. Eventually, if gone unnoticed, this can cause property damage, damp, and large bills. However, regular meter reads can help identify when things go wrong. If your meter shows increased consumption but you do not believe your usage has changed, it could mean that you have a leak. If you think you may have a leak, a simple leak test (you can find out how to do one here) will help identify if there is one, and allow you to make the relevant repairs as soon as possible.

Environmentally friendly

We know what you're thinking, how can reading your meter regularly make you more environmentally friendly? Keeping on top of your water usage and your bills makes you more aware of the amount of water that you're using. As you encourage your business to be efficient about your water usage, you'll be saving water and reducing the stress on the planet's water resources.

Hopefully we've convinced you that reading your water meter regularly is important. If you want to find out how to take a reading, watch our video below.

If it is safe and legal for you to read your meter yourself, we recommend sending us meter readings every month. If you send us a reading five working days before your bill date, we can make sure it is reflected in your monthly invoice. You can submit readings yourself on our website here.