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If your business is reopening on the back of updated government guidance, and you have only one premises, then please let us know by completing this form. If you have multiple premises, then please call us on 0330 6600 137 or email us on

Please complete the form as carefully as possible. Any inaccuracy (particularly with Account Numbers and Supply Point IDs) may cause a delay in processing. 


Once you have informed us that you have returned, you will start to receive regular scheduled bills again. 


Where to find the information we require: 

Account number – found on the first page of your bill, your account number starts with 'EFW'.


SPID – found on the second page of your bill, the SPID number starts with the number '3' and is 10 digits long for English SPIDs. For Scottish SPIDs it starts with a '1' or '2' and is 8 digits long. 

If you have a meter, you will need to provide us with two sets of meter readings, one when you return to your site (which can be submitted within the form below if you have it already), and one the week after, so we can bill you on the correct consumption. To provide us with the second read in a week's time, head to our customer area where you'll find our simple meter read submission form.

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