COVID-19 help and support

*Please note these pages will be updated from time to time as the national situation changes*


Ready to reopen? 

1. Metered customers – submit meter readings 


To ensure your bills are as accurate and up-to-date as possible, it’s important to send us regular meter readings.  


If you send us monthly reads, we can include these in your next invoice— about a week before your billing date should do the trick. You may win £100 account credit*, too! Click here to submit a read today – or, if you're unsure how to read your meter, watch our short video. 


We will still send our team out to read your meters twice a year. 


2. Flush through your supply safely to avoid spreading harmful diseases  


For many businesses, water usage has dramatically reduced over the last few months, meaning water in the system will have been stagnant for some time.   


The longer water is in pipes, the more chance it has of picking up harmful substances, or bacteria like Legionella spreading.  


You can follow our simple steps to flush your supply safely on our blog.  

3. If you still have alcohol to dispose of, make sure you do so correctly

Read our dedicated blog post, here.


And finally, download our comprehensive reopening risk assessment checklist:




is your business closed or using less water than usual?

metered customers

If you're a metered customer, the best thing you can do to manage your bills and keep them as low as possible is to submit regular meter readings. Why? Not only will this mean we can bill you on your current consumption, you may win £100 account credit*, too! Click here to submit a read today – or, if you're unsure how to read your meter, watch our short video.

further help

To find out what further help is available for premises in England click here 


For information on help relating to premises in Scotland click here 

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