COVID-19 (coronavirus) advice & guidance for UK business water customers

Temporarily closing your business?

If you are closing your business and stopping all water consumption, please tell us and we will mark your property as ‘vacant’ which will reduce your bill. You can do this here

Reopening your business?

If your business is reopening, there are a few important steps you need to take first:

What you can do before returning to your premises:


Let us know you’re returning by filling out this quick form on our website, once you have informed us that you have returned, you will start to receive regular scheduled bills again.


As soon as you return to the premises, and prior to opening or using facilities:


Protect your health: Flush your water system!


The first and most important thing to do when you return to your site is to make sure your water supply is safe. If your place of work has seen a significant reduction in water usage over the past few weeks, your drinking water supply has probably been stagnating over this time. This presents several potential risks to health:


  • Microbiological regrowth (as chlorine levels in water drop over time)

  • Plumbing materials leaching into the water

  • Legionella


For details on how to manage these risks appropriately please read this document which has been provided by Water UK. The key message is that you should flush out your drinking water system when you return, starting with the tap nearest to where the water enters the building.


As soon as possible after returning to your premises:


  1. Another important action to take on returning to your business premises, is to provide us with two sets of meter readings, one week apart, to ensure we are billing you on accurate, up-to-date consumption. You can submit these here.

Need to contact us?


We have taken action to ensure that, while our employees may be working remotely, we will still be available for you. You can continue to contact us between 09:00 and 13:00 Monday to Friday by phone on 0330 6600 137 or by email on


Experiencing reduced consumption?


If you are still open but there has been a reduction in your water usage, one of the best ways to manage your bills is to submit a meter reading to us once a month. This allows us to bill you on the most up to date consumption at your property. You can submit your meter reads here.


If you are unsure where your water meter is then please let us know and we’ll be happy to help you locate it.

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