how to check your drainage charges

If 100% of the water returns to the sewer system at your property, your wastewater charges will be the same as your water charges. In this case, the return to sewer allowance (RSA) is 100%. If not all of the water drains through the sewer system, it will be a percentage of this that is charged for waste.

Wholesalers estimate your RSA, and you’ll find yours on page 3 of your bill.  

If you have a septic tank, or if the rainwater doesn’t drain into the public sewer due to grassed areas or soakaways, you may be entitled to a rebate or reduction of your charges. 

If you believe your return to sewer amount is incorrect, you can fill in the relevant sections of this form to request a change from your wholesaler (section 6 is what you need for changes to RSA). Once you’ve completed it, email it to us at and we'll request the change from your wholesaler.