COVID support

COVID-19 help and support

Updated Nov 2021
Although COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted across the UK, we recognise that the pandemic continues to have an ongoing impact on our customers. We may be able to offer you some extra help – or at least some advice on how you can help yourself.

Metered customers

Many of our customer premises have reopened but are not always as busy as usual. This means your water consumption is likely to be changing more than normal. If you're a metered customer, the best thing you can do is to submit regular meter readings. To avoid paying too much (or paying too little and ending up with a big catch up bill later) we recommend that you submit monthly meter readings if you can, so that you are always paying for what you use. Not only will this mean we can bill you on your current consumption, you may win £100 account credit*, too! Click here to submit a read today – or, if you're unsure how to read your meter, watch our short video.
*Terms & Conditions apply

My premises is closing

If you have taken the difficult decision to close please let us know as soon as possible so that we can close your account with Everflow and issue you a final bill up to the date of closure. You can let us know that you have closed your business online here by filling out a change of tenancy form. Please provide us with as much information as possible to help us process this quickly for you.

My premises is reopening after a period of closure

If you reopen your premises after a period of closure, please be mindful of the health risks associated with stagnant water, and remember to flush your water systems. For more information, see this document.

When you reopen, take two meter readings at least one week apart if you can to ensure you are being billed accurately. Watch our quick vid on reading your meter and submitting reads here.
Please check out our blog post on how to dispose of liquid perishables as it's vital they are dealt with properly to avoid damaging the environment.

Struggling to keep up with your payments?​

The most important thing is to get in touch with us on 01740 618 950, so we can help you. We offer a range of payment plans for customers who are affected by COVID-19.
If you have premises in Scotland, the industry Wholesale Charges Deferral Scheme may be open to you. We can apply to Scottish Water on your behalf to defer your wholesale charges for repayment over a period of time at a later date. To find out more please contact our Customer Services team.