Frequently asked questions


Questions regarding your bills and how you pay them

Why has my consumption increased?

Your consumption could have increased for multiple reasons:

Have you changed your water usage, for example, increased the number of outlets or taken on more people?
Do you think you might have a leak? See our blog on how to do a leak test.
Are you on a shared supply?

If you aren't sure, or would like further advice, please call us on 0330 6600 137.

Can I pay my bill by card?

You can, please contact our friendly Customer Services team on 0330 6600 137 who will be happy to process your payment.

What is the retail fee?

This is the annual charge used to cover the costs of managing your account. Managing your account includes everything from the billing, meter reading and wholesaler management services we provide. The charge that appears on your invoice is calculated by dividing this annual fee by 365 days, and multiplying it by the number of days billed. We charge a fixed yearly retail fee, instead of charging you a percentage based on how much water you use. This means that we can help you keep your water usage and your costs as low as possible.

Can I have separate invoices for each of my properties paid from one account?

Of course, as long as each account is being paid by individual bank accounts. Please contact our Customer Services team on 0330 6600 137 who will be able to assist you with setting this up.

I'm struggling to understand the various charges and sections on my Everflow invoice

We've designed our invoice to be as transparent as possible when it comes to your usage and charges. Check out this useful guide to better understand your invoice

Trade Effluent – I wish to change or challenge the chargeable strength

We can request this for you from your wholesaler, as long as you can demonstrate that a sustained or significant change in strengths has occurred


Questions regarding your meter.

How do I submit meter readings?

Either via our portal, over the phone on 0330 6600 137 or by emailing – whichever way you prefer!

How often should I submit meter readings?

We recommend submitting a meter read monthly, five days prior to the date of your next invoice. It's good practice for you to check your water meter reading regularly as it can help identify a leak on supply or find problems with your meter.

How is my invoice calculated without meter readings?

If you are on a metered supply, we estimate your usage based on your previous consumption. Providing us with regular monthly meter readings will mean your bills are as accurate as possible, as your bills will adjust as your usage increases or decreases. Please see our How to Read My Meter Video

When are meter readings taken?

We read your meter every six months. If we identify an issue during these cyclical reads, our customer services department will contact you and help to resolve the issue.

I cannot read the meter / the dial is broken / the meter chamber is full of debris, can you help?

Of course. Email or call 0330 6600 137 to speak to our friendly Customer Services team. They will speak to the wholesaler on your behalf to get this investigated.


General questions about Everflow Water.

What is a SPID?

A SPID is your property's Supply Point Identifier – find out more about SPIDs here

Should I be paying VAT?

Some non-household customers pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on water bills. VAT is chargeable to customers who have a SIC classification between 1 and 5 of the 1980 edition of Standard Industry Classifications. VAT will be charged at 20% on clean water services if your business falls into one of the following categories:

  • Division 1 – Energy and water supply industries
  • Division 2 – Extraction of minerals and ores other than fuels; manufacture of metals, mineral products and chemicals.
  • Division 3 – Metal goods, engineering and vehicle industries. Manufacture of metal goods not elsewhere specified.
  • Division 4 – Other manufacturing industries
  • Division 5 – Construction

Please get in touch with us if you think that your VAT status needs updating.

Why do I pay a highways charge and a drainage charge?

Surface water or groundwater drains directly or indirectly into a public sewer. This is based on either the size of the area (in square meters) or it's a fixed annual charge based on meter size or consumption.

Can I claim an allowance as I do not use the public sewer for wastewater?

If rainwater does not drain from your property into a public sewer you may be entitled to a surface water drainage rebate. Please note – highway drainage benefits everyone that uses the road system, there is no ability to claim for a rebate for this.

I think I am on an incorrect drainage charge or my rateable value is not correct

Get in touch – our Customer Services team can raise the query with your wholesaler to ensure you're being charged correctly. Email or call us on 0330 6600 137.

What do I do if I am still being charged by my previous retailer?

Please contact our Customer Services department and we can provide you with evidence to forward to your previous supplier to prove that your supply is now with us.

What is an unmeasured tariff?

An unmeasured tariff means there's no meter present at your property, so the tariff charges are based on pre-determined rates relating to the business rateable value.

What is a measured tariff?

A measured tariff means there is a chargeable meter present. This tariff is based on the amount of water used, the volume of wastewater discharged into sewers and the strength of the discharge (if trade effluent is present).

What is a fixed charge?

A fixed charged is based on the size of the meter and pipe size.

How do I know if I have a leak?

The pressure drops or the meter spins faster or slower than usual. Please refer to our helpful Self Leak Test Guide to see if you have a leak, or check your wholesaler's website to see if work is being carried out in your area.

Why has the water pressure dropped?

Your wholesaler may be carrying out work in your area. It's worth checking your wholesaler's website if you believe this may be the case. Alternatively, you may have a leak – you can use our Self Leak Test Guide to help you work out if this might be the cause.

I have a water/sewage emergency – who do I contact?

Please refer to our Emergency contact page. Give your wholesaler a call directly if you are experience a burst or leak outside the boundary of your premises, no water, strange smell, colour or taste to your water, low pressure, sewer flooding and blockages or trade effluent compliance issues.

Why are my charges different for my businesses in different areas in England?

Each regional wholesaler has their own charging scheme which means although you may have two properties of a similar size, the locations could lead to a difference in the wholesaler prices.

How do I set up a new Direct Debit?

It's quick and easy to set up a Direct Debit. You can download a Direct Debit mandate from our portal and email it to, or you can contact our helpful team on 0330 6600 137.

Am I entitled to a leak allowance?

If you’ve had a leak at your property outside your typical usage and registered on your meter, applying for a leak allowance with your wholesaler may be possible. Below are the details that would be required to raise over to the wholesaler:
• Who repaired the leak? (e.g. plumber, yourself)
• The date of the repair
• A plumber’s report/ invoice and any other evidence such as photos etc.
• A meter reading directly after the repair
• A meter reading at least 14 days later
• The date the leak was first noticed
• The location of the leak
• Where did the water drain away to?

Customer Portal

General questions about the Customer Portal.

When can I use the portal?

You can access the portal online between 7am and 9pm.

Accessing your account

Please ensure you enter the correct password when attempting to log in. The portal allows five attempts to enter the correct password before locking your account.

How do I set up an account?

Click set up an account, input your account number (including any -0 or -1 etc at the end) and follow the link that will be sent to the contact email address on your account.

'Please check your account number' message when creating an account

You will need to enter all the digits of your account number to create and log in to your portal account, including any numbers at the end, such as ‘-0’. You can find your full account number on your bills. Make sure there are no spaces before or after your account number, as this will prevent you from registering your account. Alternatively, it may be that you have already registered on the portal in which case it will not allow you to create the account again, so you will need to log in.

'I haven't received an email to finish the sign up process

After inputting your account number to sign up, an email will be sent to the contact email address on your account. If the contact email is correct, check your junk folder. If you would like to change your contact email, please contact or phone them at 0330 6600 137.

I've forgotten my email address/password

Click the ‘forgot password’ link and an email will be sent to reset your password. If you have forgotten your email address, give our friendly customer services team a call on 0330 6600 137.

My details in the portal are not correct

The contact and billing details on your account are the ones that we hold for you on our system. If these are not correct, please get in touch so we’ve got the right details for you going forward.

How long will it take for the meter read I submitted to be reflected in my bills?

We’ll get your meter read updated as soon as possible, but please allow five working days for your read to be processed. It’s a good idea to send us a reading at least five working days before your billing date so that it can be included in your next bill.

Is there a limit to the number of reads I can submit?

There isn’t a set limit on the number of reads you can provide on your account. We would recommend sending us a meter reading every month so we can keep your bills as accurate as possible. If you provide this at least a week before your billing date, then we can make sure it’s included in your monthly bill. We wouldn’t advise sending reads more frequently than that, because if you happen to use more or less water than usual in that short time, it might skew your bill.

I can't view historic bills

The portal will allow you to view all of your bills going forward, and back to 1st January 2022. If you need to view any bills before this time, get in touch with our friendly customer services team who will be happy to help.

I made a payment today, but this isn’t showing in transactions on the portal. Has it gone through?

Payments can take up to two working days to show in the system, so please allow this time for your transaction to be displayed.

I am unable to view my latest bill

Your latest bill will be available to view on the portal as soon as it is emailed out to you on your bill day. If it is past your bill day or you are having trouble accessing your bill, let us know.

Can I pay my bills through the portal?

Most of our customers pay by direct debit as this is the most secure way to manage payments. You can download a direct debit mandate in your portal account and then email this to, and we’ll get this set up for you. If you have an outstanding payment to make, please call our friendly team on 0330 6600 137.

Timing out

For security reasons, the portal will automatically log you out after 60 minutes. If you'd like to continue using the portal, please log back in.

Instant Quoting

General questions about the Instant Quote.

Can I get an online quote at any time?

The online quoting tool is live between 7am and 9pm.

I have multiple supply points that I’d like to quote, can I get a quote on the website?

Our website quoting tool is just for small businesses or organisations with one supply point. If you have more than one supply point, please get in touch with our friendly sales team on 02475 185 410 and they’ll be more than happy to help.

Can I come back to my quote later if I’m not sure?

Your quote will be valid for the rest of the day, so if you’d like to come back to it, you can phone our sales team and decide to proceed with the quote on the same day (or if the quote was after 3pm, it will be valid the next business day as well).

Where do I find my company reg number?

If you’re a limited company, we’ll need your company reg number to offer you a quote. You can find this on the Companies House website.

How do I search for my address?

Type in your postcode on the first page and click search. You can then select the address for your supply. Scroll to the button to click confirm. Note, if you’re having trouble scrolling, make sure you’ve clicked somewhere inside the pop-up and you can use your keyboard arrows or spacebar to scroll down if necessary. Please make sure you select the correct address of the supply point at the business premises you're quoting. If you're in any doubt, check it against the SPID number on your current water bills, or get in touch with our Sales team.

How long is the contract length?

The online quoting tool on our website quotes you for a three-year contract length, and our retail fee will remain fixed during the length of your contract. To view our T&Cs, click here, or to explore alternative contract options, contact our sales team on 02475 185 410.

I’ve received an error message whilst trying to get a quote, what should I do?

Sometimes, quotes will need to be approved before we can issue them. Your message should inform you of the next steps, but if in doubt, contact our friendly sales team on 02475 185 410 or at

I’ve confirmed my quote and switch, what happens next?

You’ll receive an email once you’ve confirmed the switch. We’ll check your details, request the switch from your current supplier and let you know if there are any issues. Note: make sure that you’re free to leave your current supplier (i.e. not in contract or with outstanding debt on your account) so that we can make sure the switch happens as smoothly as possible.

Technical Support

Questions around technical support when using the instant quote or customer portal.

Unable to access portal or quoting tool?

Refresh your browser and try again
Log out and log back in again. Click on the logout button in the top right of the Customer portal to log out. This will then take you to a log in screen. Fill in your login details and sign in.
Clear your browser's cache. Sometimes web pages won't load if your browser's cache needs clearing. Click this link to learn how to clear the cache on your browser (
Restart your device. Make sure any documents are saved, and turn your device off and on again.

Internet access

If you are encountering an issue or slowness when using the platform, it may be due to the quality of your internet connection.
If you are not connected to a WiFi connection, you will need some form of mobile data coverage. Mobile data coverage can be patchy, so you may need to move to a location with better coverage, or find a WiFi network. If you are unsure if this is the case, try accessing another website and see if it is working.
A bandwidth of 10Mbps or above is normally needed. You can use this website to check your network bandwidth:

Still having issues?

If none of the above steps have fixed the problem, let us know by completing the Issue log here and send it to so we can get it sorted for you as soon as possible.