Signs that you might have a leak:

  1. Wet or damp patches on grass areas during a dry spell 

  2. A noticeable reduction in water pressure 

  3. Dirt or air in the water 

  4. Cracks in paving or potholes or sinkholes appearing 

  5. A sudden, unexpected increase in water usage 

Are leaks always noticeable? 

It’s not uncommon for leaks to go unnoticed; even large leaks can soak away into the ground without any visible signs.  

If you think you might have a leak, carry out this simple leak test to check. 

Who is responsible for repairing leaks? 

If the leak is inside your property boundary, you are responsible for the repair of the leak. You can find an approved list of plumbers in your area here.


If the leak is on the water meter or outside of your property boundary, this is your wholesaler’s responsibility, and you should call their emergency number to inform them of the leak as soon as possible.