meter readings

Since our retail fees are fixed for the duration of your contract, if your bill has increased, it's likely to be off-the-back of a recent meter reading. 


On page 3 and following of your bill, you can see the history of recent meter readings, and how your usage has changed.

If you have been using more water than usual, that is likely to be the reason for the increase. For example, this might be because you've got a new dishwasher, hired more staff, or increased your cleaning.

If you can't think of a reason that your usage has increased, you may have a leak. Take our simple leak test so you can check and get it sorted as soon as possible.

How to keep on top of your bills

We read our customers' meters twice a year. As well as this, we advise customers to send us reads monthly to ensure we can keep your bills as accurate as possible. This also means that you can spot any leaks or problems as soon as possible. If you send us the reading 5 working days before your bill-date, we can make sure it is reflected in that month’s bill. You can submit meter reads here.

How to read your meter