5 tips for saving money on business water bills

As a business, clever water management can save you significant amounts of money. You may not think much of a leaking tap, but it could be costing your organisation hundreds of pounds each year in water and sewerage costs. By taking steps to ensure that, as a company, you are being as efficient as possible in terms of your water is vital.

1. Make sure the running time of push controls isn’t too long

Check the running time of push taps and showers. For sink push taps, the ideal time is 10 seconds, while for showers it’s 30 seconds. In terms of flow rates, taps should be 4 to 6 litres per minute while showers should be between 8 and 10 litres per minute.

2. Check for dripping taps

As mentioned, this may be an obvious one, but a lot of businesses ignore that incessant drip – and it could be costing them hundreds. Over time the water lost from a dripping tap can add up. If you spot one, contact a plumber as soon as possible.

3. Check the toilets and urinals

Another loss of water which frequently goes unnoticed is within the toilets and urinals. Is water needlessly discharging between flushes? If so, this needs looking into.

4. List all other water-using equipment and do a quick spot-check

If you use hoses, dishwashers, pre-rinse sprayers or any other water-using equipment, you should frequently check for leaks and drips. It’s also important to keep a tab on when they are turned on – make sure they’re switched off when not needed, such as during production changeover or breaks.

5. Invest in signage

Visible reminders for staff to take care with water efficiency can make a significant impact if they’re easy to understand and noticeable. Water efficiency signage should be visible, invest in signage encouraging staff to report dripping taps or leaks.

Finally, ensuring you are getting the best rates on your water is vital – of course we’re going to say this as a retailer specialising in value services – but no one wants to be paying more than they could be, right? Everflow offers unbeatable savings, if you’re not already one of our customers, call us on 0330 6600 137 for a quote.

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