8 ways to reduce plastic in your workplace

With the recent news that plastic straws, drinks stirrers and cotton buds will be banned in the UK from April 2020. The war on plastic is becoming more prevalent and, as a business, you can make a big difference.

It’s vital to focus on helping your company and employees reduce their dependency on plastic, not only will it help the environment, it will save you money and provide great content for social media and PR stories, too.

We’ve put together a simple guide to reducing plastic. While these tips are focused on an office environment, a lot of them can be applied to your personal life and other workplaces too:

1. Use recycled pencils, wooden highlighters and sustainable wood desk tidies and in-trays –check out The Green Office for some great eco-friendly office essentials.

2. Remove all rubbish bins from desk areas and provide centralised recycling points.

3. If you have coffee machines, ensure reusable cups or mugs are available, rather than disposable, single-use plastic cups.

4. Provide filtered drinking water stations, encouraging staff to bring in reusable bottles. Maybe even give out branded reusable bottles as an incentive.

5. When ordering products online, request zero plastic and polystyrene packaging.

6. Make sure employees have access to a kitchen stocked with reusable cutlery, plates, cups and mugs.

7. When it comes to bathrooms, rather than buying soap frequently, purchase refillable dispensers and bulk buy soap.

8. Make the process a collaborative, team-building one. Organise a park, river or beach clean or ask your team for ideas on how they, in their specific roles or departments, could see plastic usage being cut.

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