5 ways to increase happiness in the workplace

According to a study by the Social Market Foundation, happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees.

With International Week of Happiness at Work this month, we’ve compiled a list of some great ways to boost staff happiness in your business:

1. Be sure to thank your employees

Help employees feel happy and appreciated by sending end an email or written card to thank those who have gone out of their way to do a great job.

2. Encourage social events outside of work

According to social psychology, the if you feel you belong, motivation increases. It improves morale, employee communication and employees who form strong relationships help build a successful workplace.

3. Organise a teambuilding event

Teambuilding events increase collaboration and productivity as well as happiness by both by helping staff engage with each other and showing you’re willing to invest in them

4. Ask your employees for feedback

They’ll know best what will make them happier in the workplace, ask for their input and show you care by following through and taking action in response to the findings

5. Let employees make a difference

According to a study by Robert Half, the ability to influence decisions is a happiness driver, but not all workers feel they have a say

We put a lot of focus into ensuring our employees are happy and healthy. If you’re interested in joining us and enjoying a company with high levels of employee satisfaction, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to be the first to hear about new role openings.

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