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What’s the difference between wholesalers and retailers in the business water market?

Not everyone knows about the water market opening, but if you’re a business, public sector organisation or charity, it could save you thousands.

In April 2017 the water market in England opened for competition. This means that, while businesses, charities and public sector organisations were previously stuck buying their water and wastewater services from their regional wholesaler, you can now shop around for a better deal.

With retailers playing the part of the ‘middle man’ between customers and wholesalers and the introduction of competition, this has resulted in customers switching for the best value rates, improved services, new offers and even increased water efficiency because, unlike your wholesaler, we retailers don’t profit from your increased water usage, so we’re all about encouraging you to save the environment and your budget!

How does the open water market work?

The market works the same as other open utility markets such as electricity and gas. Retailers buy wholesale services and offer a package to eligible customers (those who class as ‘non-household’).

Retailers responsibilities are:

  • Be your point of contact for any queries, apart from emergencies such as a leak or a burst. pipe, which the wholesaler will need to be informed of directly.

  • Issue your bills and collect payment for your water and wastewater services.

  • Help you save money, and the environment, with water efficiency services and products – we have some exciting ones launching soon, so keep an eye out!

Wholesaler responsibilities are:

  • Managing network issues, such as burst pipes or blocked sewers.

  • Physical meter work such as repairing, replacing and checking the accuracy of water meters.

  • Dealing with emergencies such as leakages.

Do you class as non-household? You could switch and save!

There are 1.2 million non-household customers in England eligible to choose the supplier of their retail services, while there are an additional 130,000 in Scotland.

If you’re one of them, click here to get a quote from us and see how much you can save. Our customers are saving £536 on average.

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