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What does a bilateral form mean for you?

What does a bilateral form mean for you? We realise that this question is vague and probably confusing, especially if you’ve never had a bilateral form raised on your behalf before, but it’s something that might crop up for you as a business water customer in England or Scotland… so we’ll start from the top.

What is a bilateral form?

A bi-lateral form, in its simplest comparison, is a work form. They are what we would submit to your wholesaler if there are any works or investigations needing to be taken place on your site, which require wholesaler activity. These will usually be for wholesaler owned assets that they would need to do the work on, for example repairing a faulty meter etc. As your retailer, we would have to be the party to raise these forms with your wholesaler.

If works are needed, our customer services operatives will inform you of the next steps, gather any relevant information that the form asks for and help explain the relevant actions the wholesaler will be carrying out depending on the type of bi-lateral form raised.

They will also ask for your permission to allow the wholesaler to contact you to arrange an appointment if this is required.

How long does this take?

So, for this, there is not a single answer, partially because of the number of variables to take into consideration. Due to each wholesaler having their own processes for actioning their forms, and the amount of different work forms there are in the market, there is no blanket timescale, it’s subject to the individual form and wholesaler.

But don’t worry about this! As your friendly and informative Customer Services Advisor handling your case, will be able to let you know the timescale and will keep you informed throughout the process, if the wholesaler has any news or further information.

We aim to make these processes as easy for you as possible, so we keep you informed every step of the way . We’re always happy to help and answer any questions during the processes just by calling the typical customer services line on 033 066 00 137.

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