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Why are meter readings so important?

As an Everflow Water customer, every six months we come to your site, or sites, and read your meter for you, and we encourage you to submit your own readings monthly. Why? Here, we’ve complied a surprising list to explain why meter readings are so important.

Accurate billing – the first and most obvious point, accurate billing. If we’re getting frequent meter readings for your property, you’re always going to be billed on your recent usage rather than usage from six months ago when we visited your site to take a read, for example.

Leak Detection – let’s hope it never comes to it, but leaks do happen, and they can happen in pipes that aren’t visible to you. Eventually, if gone unnoticed, this can cause some pretty bad property damage, damp or even large bills. However, a regular meter read can help identify when things go wrong. If your meter shows more consumption, when you don’t believe you have changed your water-using activity, it could mean you currently have a leak. If you do think you have a leak, a simple at home, self-leak test (you can out how to do one here) will help identify a leak and allow you to make the relevant repairs before it’s too late.

Environmentally friendly – we know what you’re thinking, this is a bit strange, how can reading your meter reading regularly make you more environmentally friendly? Well it’s simple, paying for what you use can lead to lower consumption. Having a frequent reminder of just how much you’re using and paying for (as in the first point) can actually have a positive impact, as in the process of trying to save money, you also save water. Reducing consumption, even by a little bit, actually has a significant positive environmental impact, and protects the oceans. You save pennies and the planet.

Although our meter readings are fairly frequent compared to the official Ofwat guidelines, the more meter readings, the more benefits you will see from the above points. We’re always more than happy to have readings from our customers, as long as it is safe and legal for you to use read them, and even better, you can submit them on the tracker.


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