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Reopening? What to do with your disposable perishables

Updated: Jun 29

As more information is released about pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs reopening, as a pub owner or manager, you might be wondering what you can do with disposable perishables.

Firstly, it’s important to seek sustainable ways to dispose of or re-use surplus product and only consider discharging to the public sewer as a last resort as doing so can be detrimental to the environment and infrastructure.

Authorities such as (www.sepa.org.uk) and HMRC (www.gov.uk) have published guidance to help you.

However, wholesalers have also created specific procedures and alterations to current processes to help you and the environment, which we have laid out below.

For further advice on reopening, please check out our COVID-19 (coronavirus) help & advice page.

Anglian Water

Anglian Water are prepared to allow the discharge of certain liquids into its networks if the conditions outlined in this document are adhered to.

If the conditions are not met in the position statement, if you are unsure, please contact Anglian Water’s Trade Effluent Team directly at TradeEffluent@anglianwater.co.uk .

Please note – these changes have been made to help the many pubs in the Anglian Water region, which are currently being affected by the lockdown, receive a quick and accurate resolution. However, Anglian Water has a duty to protect its infrastructure and the environment, therefore any discharges made to its sewers that do not meet the criteria in the regulatory position statement [link] or do not have prior permission from its Trade Effluent Team, are illegal (accidental or not) and could result in legal action .

Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water have requested you contact them directly with either a G-01 document (see bottom of the blog) or the below beer disposal spreadsheet.

Copy of Beer Disposal - Templatexlsx

South West Water

If you are with either of the above, please fill out this G-01 form (see document at the bottom of this page) – all sections are mandatory bar section 4, which is optional – then get in touch with our Customer Services Team who can submit it for you and talk you through the next steps.

Scottish Water

Scottish Water has asked customers to contact them directly at TEQ@scottishwater.co.uk . Please copy customer.services@everflowwater.com into your email.

Southern Water

Southern Water has asked customers to contact them directly – you can find their full advice here.

Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent has asked customers to contact them directly – you can find their full advice here.

Thames Water

Thames has asked customers to contact them directly – you can find their full advice here.

United Utilities

United Utilities has asked customers to contact them directly – you can find their full advice here.

Wessex Water

Wessex Water has asked customers to contact them directly – you can find their full advice here.

Yorkshire Water

To make submission easier and quicker for you, Yorkshire Water does not require a G/01 form, they are asking you submit an Excel file (attached) to a dedicated mailbox (wastebeer@yorkshirewater.co.uk) with the following information:

  • Establishment name.

  • Establishment full address with postcode.

  • Volume of beer to be disposed of.

  • Contact details of responsible person at the establishment – telephone numbers & email address.

Upon receipt of the above information Yorkshire Water will contact you directly by return email with a decision and further instruction regarding discharge times and rate to allow them to protect their assets. This will be within 10 Business Days of receipt. Where updates are available sooner, these will be provided.

  • You should keep a written record of volumes discharged and over what period.

  • Yorkshire Water does not seek to recover costs for this service.

  • Please note this is only a temporary process and should only be used for the disposal of waste beer due to Covid-19.

Yorkshire Water has reiterated that without written consent from them to discharge to the public sewer is a criminal offense under the Water Industry Act 1991 and enforcement action may be taken against the you if you incorrectly dispose of the waste product.

Waste Beer Templatexlsx

G01 formdocx


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