5 tips for maintaining water efficiency in summer

Whether your business is office-based or customer-facing such as a café, hotel or salon, these tips will help you save money on your business water bills and become more efficient when it comes to your water usage.

1. Letting water run down the drain while it gets to the right temperature?

If you find yourself often waiting for the water to reach a cool, refreshing temperature, it’s time to change your habits! It’s a great idea to fill water jugs and keep them refrigerated, for employees and for customers wanting tap water. And, if you’re ever waiting for the water to warm up, collect the cold water in a cup and using it to water office plants or any outdoor plants you may have.

2. Does your business have a dishwasher?

Check that it’s completely full before turning it on and use the ‘eco’ setting if you have the option.

3. Are you a business open to the public? Such as a café, restaurant or salon?

A bit of greenery is great for creating a relaxed, on-trend interior. For plants that require minimal watering (and in turn – upkeep!) opt for succulents.

4. Want some free water?

Collect your own water from a free source (clouds!) using a water butt. A fantastic device for collecting water, a water butt is essentially a large container that accumulates rainwater that falls in the gutters and pipes of your building and can even collect water from your showers too – so they’re perfect for gyms and hotels. Use the saved water for plants and washing company vehicles.

5. Ensure you’re frequently reading your meter and monitoring your usage

While we read your meter on a six-monthly basis, consumption can change over summer, for example if you’re watering plants on a more frequent basis or employees or customers are drinking more tap water in an attempt to cool down! So it’s important to ensure you are being billed accurately for your consumption, otherwise you are likely to receive an adjustment to your bill the next time we visit to take a read.

For further water and money-saving tips for your business, check out this post.

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