Top water efficiency tips to save your sports club money

At Everflow Water, we understand that, as a sports club, amateur or professional, you want to be saving as much money as possible on the everyday necessities, so you have more to spend on the more exciting things, like equipment and merchendise.

We also understand that you don’t want to be wasting time on the admin that goes along with paying bills, either.

For these reasons we aim to offer sports clubs great value rates and an easy-to-use service.

Here, we’ve laid out our top tips, which alongside our rates, will help you reduce your outgoings and admin time, as well as saving the planet.

Water efficiency tips for sports club - Everflow Water

1. Firstly, contact us about a free water audit.

As an Everflow Customer, we can offer you a water audit on a no saving, no fee basis, and it could identify areas for huge ongoing savings, or even refunds from the wholesaler if they have been overcharging.

2. Invest in water-efficiency gadgets.

There are a bunch of gadgets out there you can invest in to help save water, from efficient shower heads to sensor-controlled taps and smart meters.

3. Leaks can really add up if they go unnoticed.

Make sure malfunctioning equipment isn’t leading to a leak. Check for dripping taps, leaky loos, and carry out a leak test – find out how to do so with our quick how to guide here.

4. Encourage everyone to reduce their water usage with signage (posters near sinks etc).

5. Invest in a water butt to keep the grass hydrated in throughout summer. This saved water could be invaluable if there’s a drought.

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