Top 5 Eco-Friendly Water Tips for Businesses

As years pass it becomes clearer and clearer that we need to live more sustainably and focus more on the environment, and this includes how we use water and what we put down our drains.

Every year 1000s of pollutants enter the water streams from our businesses and homes. Here are five handy ways your business can start improving its impact on the


1. Proper sanitation – it’s alarming just how many people see the toilet as a “wet-bin” – a place for instant removal of undesirable items (gross we know). Part of this is due to a lack of teaching about should and shouldn’t be flushed. A simple way to fight this is good signage! Good signage is so important for your bathrooms, it’s just a gentle reminder for employees.

2. In line with the above, it’s also important for your colleagues to have access to correct sanitation disposal. Make sure your toilets are appropriately equipped (and labeled) with the right bins, this makes sure waste items are disposed appropriately.

3. Switch ups! Sometimes a way of decreasing environmental impact is making important switches in the office to use more biodegradable and reduced plastic items. This can be as simple as recycled toilet paper to other big switches, such as having paper stick cotton swabs, the stick switch allows the paper to be broken down.

4. Dishwashers – I know what you may be thinking, dishwashers are bad for the environment, but this is actually contrary to that thought. Used correctly, dishwashers can actually help keep your usage low, lower than even handwashing dishes. How to do this? Patience. The most environmentally friendly way of washing dishes is using a dishwasher at max capacity. If you wait for your dishwasher to be full capacity before water this actually improves efficiency and reduces water consumption on a whole, plus with grease traps, they’re less pollutant!

5. Pitchers – at the start if each day, fill a pitcher of water from the tap and put it in the fridge, and use this for drinking water needs. By getting all your drinking water from a pitcher, you’ll reduce the amount of water lost from running tap water, plus it’ll reduce the need for plastic water bottles! A double win for the environment and the efficiency of your office!

We hope you keep them in mind as we try and help the planet as businesses! And when it comes to flushing, remember the 3 P’s, Poop, Pee and Paper. If it’s not one of the 3, don’t flush it!

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