How to prevent blocked drains

How to prevent blocked drains

At Everflow Water, we’re aware of the inconvenience blocked drains can cause our customers and wholesalers. The road works, the backing up of sewers (and not to mention the smell) can be a real annoyance. So we've put together a few handy tips to reduce your chances of being faced with a blocked drain.

1. Food waste

If your company cooks food, especially foods high in grease and fat, the easiest way to reduce the chances of a blocked drain is to avoid pouring leftover scraps/grease down the sinks (or have a grease trap installed to remove fat from water). The fat builds up in the drains and can eventually cause a “fatberg” to form in the pipes from all the congealed grease.

2. Correct disposal

Correct disposal is so important, as we talked about in a previous article it’s super important for the environment, as without good disposal, bad waste can wind up in the oceans. However, before they can make it there, they can really clog up a drainpipe. Anything such as feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, and nappies! You can save yourself a lot of money in pipework repairs just by investing in proper disposal in all the restrooms in your premises!

3. Hair in showers

We’re aware that some businesses may offer showers to their employees and customers (such as swimming pools, gyms etc.) and with this comes a potential ‘clogger’… hair. Hair in a shower has the ability to bunch up and get heavy as more and more wet hairs collect in a drainpipe, eventually causing a blockage (and some very nasty smells). A simple way to combat this, is shower guards. A shower guard over a drain is all you need to filter the hair from water…and save yourself from a pretty hairy situation.

4. Paints and oils

Running a creative project? Doing some minor refurbishment? Perking up the office with a little paint? While we’re all for creativity and improvement, we’re not down for a colourful mess in your drains. Paints poured down a drain with water may seem like a simple disposal solution, but the oils and grease inside paints are heavier than water, meaning this can congeal in u-bends and cause back flow… not good for anyone and it’s such a simple thing to avoid.

To summarise, these are just some simple things that can be done to avoid unintentional blockages in your businesses drains, but the simplest thing to keep in mind are the 3 Ps. If it’s not Pee, Paper or Poop, it shouldn’t go down the toilet shoot!

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