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Pubs & restaurants: how to dispose of beer and cider

With lockdown in place,  many of our pub and restaurant customers have been asking us what to do with their disposable beer. Here we’ve put together some guidance.

Click here for the UK government’s guidelines in relation to how this unsold stock should be disposed of. In the event that you have exhausted all available avenues advised by the Government, you would need to apply to the appropriate wholesaler for your licenced address for consent to dispose of the unsold stock into their system. Each wholesaler has its own policy regarding applying for this consent.

Some wholesalers are currently waiving fees for the submission of requests to discharge beer or cider into their sewerage systems and have changed their application process accordingly, so it’s worth looking into now.

Current processes per wholesaler:

  • South West Water - visit the SWW website and select  ‘Disposal of beer and cider, from public houses, clubs, restaurants, and other similar establishments’ from the list for details of how they will process any disposal requests and the applicable charges. For further information you can email

Thames Bulk Application Disposal Form
Download XL • 21KB

NWL beer-disposal-request-template
Download XLSX • 12KB

For the following wholesalers, please email your full name, job title, company name, phone number, email address, date, name of premises, address, postcode, volume (litres), SPID and retailer (Everflow Water) to the relevant email address:

  • Southern Water Ltd - please contact

  • Yorkshire Water Ltd - please contact

  • United Utilities Ltd - please contact

  • Wessex Water – please contact

The following wholesalers are operating their usual consents process:

  • Anglian Water Ltd

  • Severn Trent Water Ltd

As such, any applications for the disposal of beer into these wholesaler networks remain a chargeable service and will therefore be invoiced in accordance with the relevant wholesaler’s published scheme of charges, plus an administration fee & VAT.

If a G03 Application is needed, you can find the form here, once you have downloaded and completed the form, send this to us at and we will assist you further.

For further advice and links in relation to managing as a business during COVID-19, please click here.

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