Everflow turns 5!

Everflow has been celebrating its fifth anniversary. To mark the occasion, we’ve made a timeline of its exciting growth:


Josh Gill had an idea. He saw a gap in the market for an ethical water retailer which could utilise technology to operate efficiently, offering value services while providing clean safe water for people around the world.


Josh had communicated his idea to two willing listeners, resulting in the launch of Everflow Limited, a water retailer providing ethical and great value services to SMEs (at this point just in Scotland, as the market had not yet opened for competition in England).

Three founding fathers are raring to bring a fresh offering to the business water industry, and the first office opens in Hartlepool, North East England.

Perhaps the most exciting of the initial successes; Everflow gains its first ever customer!

The team builds an Excel tool to speed up quoting… (the humble beginnings of Everflow Tech!) 


The business water market opens for competition in England.

The first English customer comes onboard in time for the marketing opening – the crowds (SMEs) are eager!

Everflow develops its Excel quoting tool into a comprehensive piece of software, utilised by brokers and internal teams to speed up switching and improve the customer experience as a whole.

Everflow is gaining more and more traction in the market and growing at a faster rate than competitors, which could only mean one thing internally – expansion!

The success is getting noticed – Everflow is nominated for a Lloyds Business Award and private equity investment from Perwyn is secured to help Everflow invest in its customer experience as the company grows.


Josh is nominated for an Entrepreneur of the Year award.

The office at Wynyard Business Park expands as new recruits are brought in.

The company continues to grow and splits into two, creating ‘the Everflow Group’; Everflow Water (the business water retailer) and Everflow Tech (the technology development arm).


Thanks to incredible growth, in both revenue (which had increased by over 10,000% in the last three years) and headcount, Everflow Water expands into Nuneaton, opening a brand-new office. Read the press release here.