Fixed retail fees: why we charge the way we do

As a company, we want to make water simple, and we believe in the importance of transparent pricing. On your bills, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of all the costs, so you can see exactly what you’re being charged for.

You’ll notice on page two of your bill that the total cost is made up of:

  1. A retail fee

  2. Wholesale charges

All retailers in England and Scotland charge a retail fee for their services, as well as the basic wholesale rates for the water you use. The bulk of the bill is for wholesale charges – the amount we pay your local water company for your water and wastewater. The retail fee is the amount that goes to us for the services we offer, like meter reading, billing, and customer service.

The ways retail fees are charged varies between retailers. We charge all of our customers a fixed retail fee, as opposed to a percentage mark-up of the amount you use.

Fixed retail fee information from Everflow Water

You can find your monthly retail fee on page 2 of your invoice; it’s a set charge for the year (agreed in your contract) that is divided up into your monthly bill.

Having a fixed retail fee means that we can work together with you to keep your usage as minimal as possible. We care about helping you keep costs down, and we also care about the sustainable use of water, so we want to help you to ensure you only use the amount of water that you need.

Charging you a fixed retail fee means that we can help you to increase your water efficiency, spot any leaks, and keep your bills down, without having conflicting interests!

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