Have you received a bill that's higher than normal?

We know that receiving a high bill can come as quite a shock. You may have received an email from us already, if your bill has dramatically increased. Here’s a few things to look out for, to help you work out why:

Have you been using more water?

Maybe you've done more cleaning, got a new dishwasher, or employed more people- this can all impact your usage

Is there an adjustment on your bill?

Some bills contain adjustment amounts to previous invoices; this would appear on the final page of charges on your bill. There are different reasons you might have an adjustment. For example, you might have recently had a meter exchange and be charged up to the final read of the old meter.

Have you checked your supply for leaks?

If you don't think your usage has increased, you may have a leak – it’s surprisingly easy for leaks to go unnoticed. Find out how to check here

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