Keep your bills down during COVID-19

With another national lockdown in place, we understand that this continues to be a very tough time for our customers. We're currently in the process of engaging with others in the water market to see what further support we can offer, and we'll update our customers as soon as we have any news.

For now, the best thing you can do is to send us regular meter readings. Having up-to-date meter readings is vital for keeping your bills accurate, and spotting any problems as soon as possible.

Particularly if your usage is different than normal, sending us monthly readings will help your bills most accurately reflect your consumption, to make sure you aren't being over or under charged.

We aim to read your meter every 6 months. As well as this, we advise customers to send us reads monthly to ensure we can keep your bills as accurate as possible. If you send us the reading 5 working days before your bill date, we can make sure it is reflected in that month’s bill.

You can watch our video below to find out how to read your water meter, and then you can send us a reading on our website.

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