Meet the Team: Patrick

Meet the Team: Patrick

Name: Patrick Wood

Role: Credit Control Team Leader

What does a typical day look like for you? We never have a dull typical day at Everflow! each day is different with different challenges presenting itself. My role is to manage the credit control team and ensure we can collect aged debt where we can. This entails a lot of analysis, problem solving and negotiation skills.

Favourite EF memory? Company meet up in the woods where we roasted marshmallows and had a barbecue.

Favourite Food? Hot Shot Parmo!

What are you scared of? Heights

What does the EF Way mean to you? Keeping the customer as our main focus! Not losing sight that we are here to help and especially at this difficult time we are all in this together. Everflow is more than happy to make arrangements to offer help to those especially regards aged debt. As a company we are there for each other and will always will be moving forward.

If you could wake up as someone else, who would it be? My baby boy, just to experience what he must be experiencing as a baby during a pandemic would be interesting ! Seeing people with face coverings all the time would be the new normal for him.

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