Meet the team: Sophie

Meet the Team: Sophie

Role: Marketing & PR Manager for the Everflow Group

Where are you based? Middlesbrough

Favourite thing about working for Everflow? The people – everyone works together and has a laugh while doing so!

What does a typical working day look like for you? Largely sat at my laptop or in meetings, but what I’m actually doing changes day-to-day and month to month as the Group grows

What’s your favourite Everflow company value, and why? Have a laugh – it improves mood and motivation so much when people are happy and it’s a value we really live out across the Everflow Group

If a movie was made about your life, what genre would it be? Comedy.

What’s your favourite food? Chocolate – an unfortunately high sugar item to be addicted to!

Favourite holiday destination? I really loved Florida as a child (not sure if Disney World would be as amazing to me now but... probably).

If you could wake up tomorrow as someone else, who would it be? The queen – to find out what she actually does day to day in the castle.

What would your favourite office lunch option? Something healthy like a salad, followed by chocolate of course. Balance is important.

What are you afraid of? Injuring myself, I’m way too clumsy. 

Describe yourself in three words: determined, clumsy, inquisitive.

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