Protecting against blockages and pollution

We’d like to thank Anglian Water who have put some great advice together for customers. We wanted to share some of their advice all the kitchens, restaurants, cafes and other businesses we provide water to; giving advice of good practice to have your services run as smoothly as possible.

Have grease management in place

After a while waste can block your kitchen drains which could cause flooding and pollution. Make sure you have equipment in place for the type of food your serving and right for the number of customers you have.


Give refresher talks to staff about not putting food, fat grease or oils down the drains to avoid blocking pipes. Put up signs as a reminder to staff. 

How does the waste end up in the sewer or drains? Can you reduce it? 

Food, fat, oil and grease can end up in the drains and sewer from waste going down the kitchen sick, washing machines and dishwashers, work stations and floor mopping cleaning of ovens, grills and canopy filters.

You can reduce the amount of waste going down the drains by installing fat traps or grease removal units and regularly clean and consider a grease removal service that gives out written notice of disposal. Put waste directly into the appropriate bin, if you do use a sink to wash or rinse plate make sure you have a sink strainer to prevent food from going down the drain. 

To read Anglian Water’s article click here 

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