Unblocktober: Coffee Grounds - Prevention of Sewer Blockages

We know October is usually the start of the autumn season, and the return of a favourite…Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, but around the water industry, we know October as the start of Unblocktober, a month dedicated to the prevention of Sewerage lines getting blocked up by fatbergs and other pollutants.

Disposing of Coffee Grounds

One of the offenders, is coffee grounds, and whereas we know major coffee chains dispose of grounds in an eco-friendly manner, there are issues with coffee grounds being flushed down the drains in office blocks and small businesses. Although they seem fairly small and innocuous, they have the potential to coagulate and become thick and actually clog drains, this can cause flooding or pipe damages…not to mention some gross smells.

So next time it’s your turn to dispose of coffee grounds after enjoying a lovely autumnal drink, remember the grounds go in the bin not the sink, alternatively, you can even use them to help your plant life as coffee grounds can work as a wonderful fertiliser!

For more information about Unblocktober check out the official website here.

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