Water-efficiency hacks to save money and our water supplies

The Great British Rain Paradox report found that three in four people in the UK believe it’s a wet and rainy country, and most believe we have enough water to meet our future needs.  But climate change and population growth mean that the UK could face significant water shortages in less than 25 years.

Our employees have committed to take action to reduce their water usage, here are the quick and easy water-saving pledges we're making, why not do your bit, too?

  • Switching off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth

  • Using the little flush button for wee and the big flush button for number twos

  • Sticking to a 5-minute shower, either using a timer or limiting it to one music track you can sing along to that’s 5 mins or less long

  • Ensuring the dishwasher/washing machine is at its maximum capacity (according to manufacturer’s instructions) before turning it on

  • Only watering the lawn or outdoor plants in the evening

  • Capturing some rainwater in a container to use on your plants

  • Fixing a leaking tap or toilet, or identifying a possible leak for a customer

  • Using the eco setting on your washing machine or dishwasher (We know, it’s long!)

Businesses can join our #100Pledges campaign to save water – find out more at https://www.everflowwater.com/100-pledges

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