Waterwise Pledge 2021

As the UK population grows, and we see changes to our climate, there are increasing pressures on our water supply. The Environment Agency has estimated that in 25 years, the UK will not have enough water to meet the demand.

Total non-household water consumption in the UK accounts for 20% of public water supply (Ofwat, 2018). There are around 1.2 million customers in the non-household water market who on average consume 140 million cubic meters per month. That’s about 4.7 billion litres per day.

So why not consider pledging to save water in 2021, and help reduce costs for your business, and do what you can to tackle water scarcity?

Waterwise are an independent Non-Governmental-Organisation (NGO) that seek to raise awareness of issues surrounding water scarcity, and help communities, businesses and governments use water more efficiently. Waterwise are starting a campaign to save 2021 litres of water in 2021. You could even save 2021 litres in January!

Waterwise Pledge 2021

What does it involve?

“Every day of this campaign you’ll receive a short email with a water challenge. These simple challenges will range from having a meat-free day to timing your shower.

The aim is to provide you with easy-to-implement tips, which will help you save lots of water, protect the environment, combat climate change and become well-informed and mindful about water.”

Saving 2021 litres of water sounds like a lot, but it’s very do-able. If each of your employees joined in, think how much you could save.

The campaign starts on 4th January, but you can start anytime. If you want to sign up and get involved, head to their website here.

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