Why we MUST care about water efficiency in the UK

Our Water Efficiency & Environmental Services Manager, Clare, explains why we need to take action and how we can make a difference...

Why do we all need to save water?

"People might wonder how a country with such a reputation for rain like the UK could reach a tipping point where demand for water outstrips supply in just 25 years. But this may become a reality if we don’t take action to save water now. A convergence of factors underpinned by climate change has led us to this frightening prospect. But if we all take concerted action now, we can ensure that there will be enough water to go around for generations to come."

Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, 2020

The Great British Rain Paradox report found that three in four people in the UK believe it’s a wet and rainy country, and most believe we have enough water to meet our future needs.  But climate change and population growth mean that the UK could face significant water shortages in less than 25 years.

Our growing population is increasing demand for water, and changes to our climate are leading to wetter winters and drier, hotter summers. These disrupt infrastructure with flooding and reduce supplies when we need them most to keep cool, clean and hydrated.

The UK population is expected to grow from 67 million today to 72.4 million by 2043, but our water use has changed too. In the 1960’s the average person used 85 litres per day. Today, we use 143 litres per person each day.

How climate change is affecting water use

In early 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic and government restrictions kept more people at home than normal and we experienced the hottest ever month of May, people were using more water than ever across the country. In some places, more than 40% more than normal.

When clean water’s used faster than it can be produced, businesses can experience low water pressure and even outages to their water supply.

That exceptional demand for water was impossible to predict, but it shows how demand can and is changing.

The good news is that there are ways that businesses and employees at home can work together in these crises to make sure there’s enough water for everyone.

How we can save water together

We’ve built our systems to notice when you’re using an unusual amount of water. If this happens, we alert you, advise you how to check for leaks and can offer further advice for how you can use less water to keep your bills down.

As your water retailer, Everflow Water offer a range of water saving products and services, and we can advise you on which are optimal for your organisation, to save the most water in your communities – reducing your water bills in the process. We can also signpost you to information to share with your employees to help reduce their water use (and bills) at home too.

Water wholesalers are responsible for conserving water by finding and fixing leaks on regional water mains. If you spot a leaking water main, please report it to your local water wholesaler as soon as possible, click here to find their contact details. Regional wholesalers also maintain and build new reservoirs, pipes, pumps and treatment works.

For more information about any of our water saving products and services, please contact makemegreener@everflowwater.com .

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