From offices to off licences and everything in-between

Our friendly, UK-based team are constantly looking out for our valued customers and finding ways to make their lives simpler.

We pick up the phone in seconds if you have a query and we've built a customer portal so you don't need to call or email us if you don't want to.

Our mission to make water simple for businesses has resulted in our 5* Trustpilot rating and 94% customer retention rate.

We're built for SMEs

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Who can switch?

Any English or Scottish business can switch suppliers, yet almost half of businesses aren't aware they have a choice. Most of those that are in the know have chosen to switch to us.

Everflow Water is now the UK's fastest-growing water supplier. Our service is tailored to SMEs and our customer base includes restaurants, salons, offices, manufacturers, farms, schools, leisure centres and more.

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