water audits when you switch

As well as saving you money on your bills, we’re now offering a no save, no fee water audit when you switch to us - start saving soon by requesting a quote!

in the first few months of offering the audits, we've secured refunds up to


benefits for you

Cheaper bills going forward – it could save you thousands of pounds, without any inconvenience 

Helping the environment – water efficiency has a range of environmental and sustainability benefits

You can sit back and wait for the refund – if we spot any potential areas of overpayment, we work on your behalf to secure your refund and cheaper bills going forward 

Lump sum refund – if historical overpayments are found, not only will your bills be cheaper going forward, we will apply for a refund on your behalf 

​You can rest assured that your account is in good hands – the water audit experts we’ve partnered with have over 25 years’ experience of auditing accounts and negotiating refunds across the UK

Continuous monitoring – our experts will continue to monitor your water/sewerage and drainage water billing for 12 months after your initial audit to help ensure your site does not have any issues such as leakage 

how we cover our costs

Water efficiency is important to us. We are committed to helping our customers save water where they can, not only because it saves them money (on water and energy bills!) but because effective water efficiency has a range of environmental and sustainability benefits, including preventing further damage to the ecosystem and ensuring we continue to have good access to water across the UK.  


If we secure savings for you, we will cover our costs with a deduction – no more than 50%, from your savings, which enables us to continue offering this service.  

but don't take our word for it...
Peter Wallace,
Bispham and District Community Association

“As I suspected, we were paying too much – a complex issue between us and the water provider was resolved due to incorrect data being used. The issue relating to boundaries took three to four months to resolve as old plans were being used. The final result was we got a £2,000 refund – Everflow took 50% as their fee but who cares, we got a surprise £1,000.  Very pleased.”

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